My Approach

My Approach

Therapy is a safe space for you to explore more about your inner and outer life.  A place for you to be seen and heard – or witnessed – by another. By exploring with an accepting, authentic presence in the room, you are invited to see your experience within a new context and from a new perspective. My intention is to assist and support you in finding freedom to be your authentic self. By exploring old beliefs and painful patterns, you will have the opportunity to expand your view of yourself and life, see new possibilities, release old hurts, and discover who you really are.

I utilize elements of transpersonal, attachment, developmental, and shamanism perspectives; however, eclectic better defines my therapeutic style. I see you as a unique individual, with our therapeutic relationship being more important than any one type of treatment. I use a diverse and extensive list of techniques and enjoy working collaboratively to find out what works best for you.

I bring my whole self into the process of therapy, and I will follow you and your inner healing wisdom as the authority on your experience.

Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but as you touch a human soul be just another human soul.

C.G. Jung