KAP with KIM

Healing in Expanded States of Consciousness

I have been walking my own path of healing for over three decades now, and of all the treatment modalities I have personally used, I have had the most profound healing experiences in expanded states of consciousness. This began several years ago with Holotropic Breathwork, Shamanic Journeys, deep meditative states, and more recently with the psychedelic medicine Ketamine.

Through my own therapeutic experiences in altered states, as well as holding space for many others, I am able to provide a deep sense of connection, safety and containment for you to explore your inner world, possibly connecting to places and realms unreachable by talk therapy alone.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy with me:

I believe using ketamine as a sacred medicine is much more than just the time the medicine is active in your mind and body.

Proper preparation before beginning a ketamine journey and integration opportunities after each experience are just as important as the actual medicine sessions.

In the preparation session we will create a sacred container, set intentions, connect resources, discuss possible fears, choose music, and address anything else that may be alive for you. In the ketamine session itself, I will be with you the entire time, providing support and guidance through every step of this incredible experience. After each ketamine session we will have one to two integration sessions. In these sessions we will explore your experience and anchor in new positive perspectives. We may use artwork, movement, music, writing and other integration tools to work with what is unfolding from your journey.

My message is I will be with you from beginning preparation through the end of your ketamine treatment integration in whatever way we find works best for you.